From chapter 9 of Not Just a Guide-Dog.

Chapter 9 Strange Fruit



The remainder of our trip through France was uneventful. The second we reached the Belgian border our eyes were met with a very disturbing sight.

There were bodies hanging in trees lining the motorway, according to Sophie they appeared to be the bodies from coloured people, going by the clothing they were more than likely Muslims.

I couldn’t help but thinking of that haunting Billie Holiday song “Strange Fruit”


“Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees”

It became apparent that the population of Belgium had turned to vigilante justice and had adopted the mob lynch executions so often portrayed in stories and movies about some southern states of the US.

It was true that the Islamic state had spread the disease, but this group of barbaric fundamentalist only represented a tiny percentage of the Islam.

Muslims all over the world had become victims like everyone else on the planet.


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