Holocaust remembered

Today  marks the 72nd anniversary of  the liberation of Auschwitz. The 27th of January  was declared by the UN as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

More and more I hear people say” Why should we remember? Why not leave bygones be bygones?”  and this at the time where we are at risk of creating, and even scarier ignoring another  holocaust.

It is a fact that history repeats itself ,but it is our duty as human beings to make sure this bit of history is not repeated. If it is ,we will have failed as a human race. The difference this time around we can not blame a political movement or a single nation, this time we are all to blame because we let it happen again.

We have all seen the graphic and horrific pictures which were taken by allied troops in camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau,Dachau,Sobibor and the so many other pictures. We have all seen pictures from the ghetto’s. There is no need for me to repeat these horrific images. In fact what I am going to do is worse, I will show pictures that will stay in your mind not because they are graphic but because they make you realize it could have been anyone, your grandparents,parents or even you or your child.

This pictures shows the scratch marks of fingernails from inside one of the gas chambers at Auschwitz.


A picture of shoes found in one of the camps, the sheer volume of them says it all


The fear in the eyes of the little boy ,at the front holding up is hands, is heartbreaking.


The worst words in history.


The answer to when we should stop remembering the Holocaust is never.

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