Forgotten Histories WW2 Miracles


This edition of Forgotten Histories is about 2 Miracles which happened during WW2 and have gone unnoticed for many.

The 1st one was a miracle in the divine sense of the word. On the 9th of April about 250 parishioners attended a mass in the  The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Mosta, in Malta when suddenly the alarms rang out. Some parishioners decided to seek shelter in a safe place,however quite a few stayed in the church to say prayers.

Two bombs fell on the church, the first one pierced the dome and fell on the church floor where the second one, cleared the left side of the triangle on top of the church’s facade.Neither of the bombs exploded. The bomb that pierced the Dome still is on display in the church as a constant reminder of the Miracle of the Mosta Dome. The picture above is a picture of that bomb. Below are some pictures of the church and it’s surroundings itself, just to give you an idea of the geography of it.

I visited the Dome in November 1990 this was just a few weeks before the first gulf war broke out, and already then we could see the warships  sailing by  on the  Mediterranean Sea.It was clear to see that the Maltese were nervous at the time in a similar was they would have been during WW2.

The 2nd miracle is in a way also a divine intervention even though many might argue this.It is the story of Albert Göring, the younger brother of Hermann Göring.


This unsung hero saved hundreds of jews

Albert Göring used his influence to get his Jewish former boss Oskar Pilzer freed after the Nazis arrested him. Göring then helped Pilzer and his family escape from Germany. He is reported to have done the same for many other German dissidents.

Göring intensified his anti-Nazi activity when he was made export director at the Škoda Works in Czechoslovakia. He encouraged minor acts of sabotage and had contact with the Czech resistance. On many occasions, he forged his brother’s signature on transit documents to enable dissidents to escape. When he was caught, he used his brother’s influence to gain his release. Göring also sent trucks to Nazi concentration camps with requests for labourers. The trucks would stop in an isolated area, and their passengers were then allowed to escape.


After the war, Albert Göring was questioned during the Nuremberg Tribunal. However, many of those he had helped testified for him, and he was released. Soon afterwards, Göring was arrested by the Czechs, but he was again released when the full extent of his activities became known. It has even been reported that at one stage he told 2 SS Officers to kiss his ass after they had given him the Hitler salute.

Although many might say he could get away with this because of his brother, which is probably true, but on the other hand if Hermann Göring would have found out about his younger brother’s activities I have no doubts that Albert would have dies a gruesome death.


.Incidentally Albert Göring’s godfather was Hermann von Epenstein a prominent Jewish physician in the late 19th and early 20th century. Which indicates again how bizarre the Nazi ideology was. The final solution was designed to rid the world from the Jews but yet there were so many Jewish links to prominent Nazi’s

During the post-war-years he had many difficulties, the name Goering had become an almost impossible handicap. Grateful survivors, rescued by Albert Goering, helped him survive bitter years of joblessness. He married several times and died in 1966, after working as a designer in a construction firm in Munich

In my opinion it was a true miracle that this man saved so many lives despite his brother being one of the most evil men that ever roamed the Earth.


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