What if? Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler

History of Sorts

I am always intrigued by the concept of What if? What would have happened if  a certain event would have had an alternative outcome.Sometimes it may just have minor consequences but in other cases it could have altered history completely. These are 2 examples. The first one about Anne Frank, whose situation mirrors the current refugee crisis. The second example is about Adolf Hitler, a split second decision could have saved the lives of millions.

Documents uncovered in 2007 revealed that Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank, desperately attempted to secure asylum in the United States

It is not clear when Otto Frank had initially applied for a Visa but it is is believed he was quite late with the application. although the exact date is not know we know the year was 1941. The Frank family had already moved to Amsterdam from Germany at that stage. And in 1941 things…

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