How weird was Hitler?

duck adolf

No one will in his or her right mind will argue that Adolf Hitler was pure evil and without making less of the things he has done, it is interesting to pick out a few particular weird traits der Führer displayed.

The picture above is a still from the Walt Disney movie Ducktators by Walt Disney which was released in 1942. Donald Duck plays Hitler in the movie.Hitler was very angry about this portrayal of him especially because he was a huge Walt Disney fan. In 1937 he was given 18 Mickey Mouse movies by Joseph Goebbels as a Christmas present. Joseph Goebbels had said that Hitler was delighted with the present, a treasure of sorts, which would give hours of entertainment.

King Kong from 1933 and Snow White from 1937 were apparently his 2 favourite movies.

Besides his surprising taste in movies he also had several odd behaviours and often were contradicting his antisemite and racist policies.

Hitler never allowed anyone to see him while he is naked or bathing. He refused to use cologne or scents of any sort on his body. This may not seem weird in a non German context but in the 1920’s the FKK Freie Körper Kultur (Free Body Culture) was encouraged.

No matter how warm he felt, Hitler would never take off his coat in public.

In 1923, Nazi press secretary Dr. Sedgwick tried to convince Hitler to get rid of his trademark mustache or grow it normally. Hitler answered: “Do not worry about my mustache. If it is not the fashion now, it will be later because I wear it!”


When coming to power in January 1933, the Nazi Party passed a comprehensive set of animal protection laws, with Hitler saying “In the new Reich, no more animal cruelty will be allowed”

We all know about his book “Mein Kampf” but not many people know he wrote a 2nd book called “Zweites Buch” or in English “Second Book” not a very creative title if you ask me.The Zweites Buch published in English as unofficially Hitler’s Secret Book and then officially Hitler’s Second Book,is an unedited transcript of Adolf Hitler’s thoughts on foreign policy written in 1928; it was written after Mein Kampf and was not published in his lifetime. The Zweites Buch was not published in 1928 because Mein Kampf did not sell well at that time and Hitler’s publisher, Franz-Eher-Verlag, told Hitler that a second book would hinder sales even more.


Although there have been lots of rumors about his sexuality, many historians think that he was homosexual. I simply don’t know, it would be my opinion that he was a-sexual. However as a teenager growing up in Vienna Hitler fell under the spell of Jewish Stefanie Isak.


In typical teenage infatuation fashion, the young Hitler never said a word to Isak, instead preferring to pencil down his feelings in no doubt crude poetry. According to Hitler’s close friend August Kubizek, the young Hitler planned to kidnap Isak and kill them both by jumping into the Danube with her, but he eventually relented and let her be. Isak has said in interviews that she had no idea of Hitler’s feelings for her. Murder–suicide, while extreme, seems tame for the man he would go on to become.

The infamous “Nazi salute,” a stiff-armed gesture, accompanied by the phrase “Heil Hitler” or “Sieg Heil,” was made mandatory for all civilians in 1933. The gesture was adapted from an Ancient Roman salute, but the “Sieg Heil,” translated as “Hail Victory,” came from somewhere far less martial.

According to documents created by the Office of Strategic Services (a wartime CIA) Hitler was besotted with American Football cheerleaders and marching bands. The documents include the observations of Hitler’s close friend Ernst Hanfstaengl, known to Hitler as “Putzi.” Putzi states that in the year of 1923, Hitler was a massive fan of football college games and their accompanying marches, and the “Sieg Heil!” shout was based on the cheerleaders’ techniques.
He also deployed college-style music to inject some excitement into his political rallies. Give us an H! Give us an I! Actually, on that topic . .

Hitler had a Jewish-Austrian doctor who didn’t charge Hitler’s family during his childhood due to their economic hardship. Because of this Hitler showed his “Everlasting Gratitude” by never sentencing him to a concentration camp, had him protected, by the Gestapo, and referred to him as “Noble Jew”Eduard Bloch (30 January 1872 – 1 June 1945) was an Austrian doctor practicing in Linz (Austria). Until 1907 Bloch was the physician of Adolf Hitler’s family. Hitler later awarded Bloch special protection after the Nazi union of Austria and Germany.

Dr. Eduard Bloch in Arztpraxis

The arguments that Hitler was a homosexual have been raging for years. Some point to incidents in his youth in Vienna, others the numerous homosexuals in the early Nazi party. Whether or not the Gestapo destroyed evidence of Hitler’s early homosexual behaviour is something we’ll never know. But one thing we do know is that Hitler was by many accounts a very feminine man. American war correspondent and journalist William L. Shirer comically called Hitler’s walk “very lady-like” with “dainty little steps.”

But it was eminent psychologist Carl Jung who really put the high-heeled boot in. When Jung was asked to comment on an example of Hitler’s handwriting he announced it was “typically feminine.”


Hitler orchestrated what was the most powerful anti-smoking movement in the world during the 1930s and early 1940s.


After Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, Adolf Hitler sent Owens a commemorative inscribed cabinet photograph of himself. Honors were not bestowed upon Jesse Owens by either President Franklin D. Roosevelt or his successor Harry S. Truman during their terms.


Hitler often praised the “efficiency” of the American Genocide of Native Americans.


He was very interested in the way the Indian population had rapidly declined due to epidemics and starvation when the United States government forced them to live on the reservations. He thought the American government’s forced migrations of the Indians over great distances to barren reservation land was a deliberate policy of extermination. Just how much Hitler took from the American example of the destruction of the Indian nations is hard to say; however, frightening parallels can be drawn. For some time Hitler considered deporting the Jews to a large ‘reservation’ in the Lubin area where their numbers would be reduced through starvation and disease.

Many books and reports have been written on the psyche of Adolf Hitler and no one really knows what made him the man he became to be. Some blame the physical abuse by his Father, but he was not unique in that and others in the same situation didn’t become monsters.

Ending with one more still from that Disney classic Ducktators, this time with Hitler,Mussolini and Hirohito.



  1. The Hitler Disney connections (sorry, it’s about him being weird) but too many “weird” coicidences for two men known by history as pne, hated the other rather beloved. But, ever since i saw a video on the subject which i thought I would watch five minutes for laughs (at such an absurd idea) I can’t get past it… not that i am consumed by it, but from time to time like this evening I wen’t to looking at Hitler’s handwriting compared with Disney’s. interestingly, there are very few writing samples of Disney’s other than a famous 1923 letter and a few autographed slips and short thank you cards, all are printed and look “un-natural” to me. Then, “Walt” looks like “Adolf” and look at the “D” in Disney and compare it to the “H” in Hitlers signature…. sounds as crazy to me as to anyone. I very well aware of how outer-cosmos this sounds, but go look for youself and wath the video on it, it’s about 50 minutes. I thought I’d watch 5 of them and have a good laugh… google it… look at the sigs…..


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