The chances of anything coming from Mars, are a million to one.


The chances of anything coming from Mars, are a million to one they say. But what if they have already been?

Some scientists have come up with the notion that we may already have been visited by extra terrestrial beings who either were from Mars or were based there. They base these findings on a few things, but the most compelling being the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza.


Some archaeologists believe there may have been a subterranean world below the Sphinx and the Pyramids.Recent pictures of the surface of Mars have shown something resembling a Sphinx in front of a mountain, but which also could be a pyramid.

It is believed that there may be a subterranean world on Mars. I don’t know if I believe this or not but I have to admit it is an intriguing idea.Maybe H.G Well wasn’t an author but a clairvoyant.

Additional to the pictures of the mysterious Sphinx like object there are other pictures of bizarre objects on the surface of our red neighbor,a woman sitting on rocks and a giant face.

The face on Mars


The woman on Mars


Helmet on Mars


Odd shape,looking like traffic lights. on Mars


Finger on Mars


Door handle on Mars


These picture were taken by the Viking 1 spacecraft in 1976 and by the Mars Rover Spirit from 2007 onward.The one of the woman I find the eeriest.

These could be of course just be optical illusions , it is however intrihuing nonetheless

Finishing up with the most suitable song. “the Eve of  War”.

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