Hitler’s Prehistoric Zoo.

History of Sorts


No this is not some science fiction story. Hitler and the Nazi’s really did have plans to bring back animals that had already been extinct and to an extend they succeeded.

He wanted to create an Aryan race of so-called superior beings, but Hitler and his Nazis didn’t stop at humans.  They were also trying to re-instate prehistoric animals that had been extinct for 9,000 years.They planned to bring back wild Auroch cows – which stood at 7ft to the shoulder and had giant horns – to hunt in ancient forests across Europe.

It was all part of the Nazi obsession with creating a connection to the primeval Germanic tribes of history, which they believed would give them added credibility with the German people.And it was overseen by Herman Goring – Hitler’s second in command and chief huntsman of the Third Reich – who sought a larger and more challenging…

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