Random Act of Kindness


I enjoy going for walks aside from the health benefits it also  clears my head, On these walks I often take pictures of things that catch my eye.

This morning I walked up to the Limerick Gallery of art just to check if there was a new exhibition, but before I went in I took some pictures of the monuments outside of the gallery and a street and church nearby.

Then when I was about to enter the gallery, a city council worker who had been working in the vicinity, stopped me. He said he had seen me taking pictures and then he showed me  a picture book of Limerick city. It was a book with pictures of hidden architectural gems and a few post cards. The kind man then gave the book to me.

I was actually touched by this random act of kindness. I was a complete stranger to the man and yet he presented me with a gift. It is small deeds like that , that still make me believe that although many bad things happen on this earth there is still more good then bad. I thought it was quite poignant on the day it was in, the day when we remember the darkest era in the history of mankind.

I will share the pictures I took and also some pictures that are in the book. The first picture are mine.


Pictures from the book.

The post cards


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