The liberation of Auschwitz


On this day 72 years ago Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by  by the 322nd Rifle Division of the Red Army, the soldiers found 7,500 prisoners alive and over 600 corpses. Among items found by the Soviet soldiers were 370,000 men’s suits, 837,000 women’s garments, and 7.7 tonnes  of human hair. Just imagine that 7.700 KG of human hair. The average weight of hair is 0.045 KG.

The camp’s liberation received little press attention at the time. Due to the vast extent of the camp area, at least four divisions took part in liberating the camp: 100th Rifle Division (established in Vologda, Russia), 322nd Rifle Division (Gorky, Russia), 286th Rifle Division (Leningrad), and 107th Motor Rifle Division (Tambov, Russia).


Below are some images of the liberation of Auschwitz , Never Forget!




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