The Curious Case of the Missing Beatle?

Rearview Mirror


I was looking over my vinyl collection of Beatles records the other day, particularly pouring over the artwork of the later albums between Revolver and Abbey Road. It triggered my mind to wander and recall one of the weirdest episodes in Beatles history, maybe in fact rock n roll history that I had ever read about. I wasn’t even born when the big rumour of the 12th October 1969 had claimed that Paul McCartney was dead. The supposed ‘claim’ revolved around the theory that McCartney, apparently somewhat upset over an argument with the other three members of the band, stormed out of the Abbey Road Studios and on his way home was decapitated in a car accident on November 9th 1966.

The claim itself was originally made public by a radio call in person to Russ Gibbs, DJ for Detroits underground station WKNR-FM. What happened next created an unprecedented outbreak of…

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