Lets keep things in perspective


I don’t like doing political blogs or even semi political ones but I felt compelled to do this one,because the whole debate on confederate statues has been blown completely out of perspective.

Frankly it actually sickens me to the core that the debate has gone in to comparison with the Holocaust. The line I hear being brandished around the last few days is “There are no statues of Hitler in Germany.”

Comparing the American civil war and specifically the confederate side of it to the Holocaust, does not validate the anti slavery debate but it diminishes the horrors committed by the Nazi regime.

So let’s get a bit of historical perspective on it.

True, there are no statues of Hitler in Germany but his birthplace in Austria has a monument in front of it.


Although the monument is anti Fascist it is still a place for Neo Nazis to remember him.

Also I heard the quote there are no statues of Rommel in Germany. There may not be any statues but there are monuments and street names dedicated to him in Germany. There is also a statue of him in a Military museum in Egypt.

Dedicated to the Nazi leader Hermann Göring and decorated with swastikas, a bell located in a war memorial in the northern German community of Tümlauer-Koog has sparked a scandal. But locals didn’t mind that it was on display — until the state governor intervened


Below are some more Third Reich monuments spread throughout Germany.

The Germans and indeed the rest of the world did something a lot worse then erecting statues of Nazis, they gave them high positions after the war.

Dr Hubertus Strughold who was responsible for a lot of deaths in Dachau was given a top position at Nasa and every year since 1963, the Space Medicine Association has given out the Hubertus Strughold Award to a top scientist or clinician for outstanding work in aviation medicine.


So please lets put things in perspective, yes slavery was awful and vile but it did not compare to the horrors of the Nazi regime.

It is a betrayal to the holocaust victims.



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