The Banality of Evil


The mistake that is often made in describing the Nazis, who were responsible for millions of deaths, is that they are called ‘monsters’

The scary thing is they weren’t monsters, they were human beings,extremely evil ones  but human beings nonetheless.By calling them monsters, you provide an excuse for the crimes they committed, for what else can you expect from monsters.The fact is they were humans and that does not give them any excuse.

To them the crimes they committed were just part of a job,”just another day in the office” so to speak.It was nearly like a 9 to 5 working day, butcher people during the day, do the paperwork before you leave the office, go home play with your kids or have a few drinks with your friends before you head home.

Below are pictures of the banality of evil, the’normal’ day to day dealings of some of the most evil men and women that ever roamed the earth.

Reinhard Heydrich and family.


Two German officers partake in a drunken drinking game in a bar in Norway in July 1942 – one wields a mallet in an apparent joke.article-2073616-0F29159200000578-990_634x427

This photograph of Höcker(Karl-Friedrich Höcker. He was adjutant to Richard Baer, the commandant of Auschwitz from May 1944 until the Russians arrived in 1945.) lighting candles on a Christmas tree was taken during Christmas 1944, possibly at the rest hut near Porąbka. 600

German officers relaxing and enjoying a picnic in a flowery meadow in Norway in the summer of 1942.article-0-0F29161A00000578-711_634x446

Joseph Goebbels, wife Magda and three of their six children and Adolf Hitler.27534C2F00000578-0-image-a-1_1428960613971

Prince Philip’s sister Sophie, right, opposite Hitler at the 1935 wedding of GoeringGoering, Hitler & P.Sophie .jpg

A family gazes lovingly at their boy, a member of the Hitler Youth, February 1943.hitler-youth-son

A proud new husband wears his SS uniform on his wedding day in December

Nazi party members display election propaganda outside of a church in Berlin on July 23, 1933.reich-church

The wife and children of Auschwitz SS-Unterschafuhrer (junior leader) Ernst Scholz.article-2271863-17498BED000005DC-712_638x401
Heinrich Himmler with his daughter Gudrun, wife Margaret, and adopted son. 28699a64d59d9ed8d013d3b54d19b4d9--der-general-a-girl

Dr Horst Fischer (right) with his wife. He was one of the SS doctors responsible for deciding which Jews would live or die when they arrived at Birkenau. After the war he was tried and executed.article-2271863-17498E4B000005DC-617_638x361

Rudolf Hoess and his family .familyphoto-297463


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