The smile of an Angel


The smile of Henri Fragman , how Angelic.

Those eyes tell so many stories.

The story of a 5 year old who got his hands dirty playing in the mud, even though his mother told him to stay clean because she was about to serve dinner.

The story of the boy who loved to play hide and go seek. He was the best because he had a secret hiding place, no one would ever find him. It was in his own room under the bed, and although his dad would often check there during the game, he never ever found him.

The eyes who say I just took a cookie from the cookie jar while you weren’t looking.

The smile that clearly hides some playful mischievousness.

A smile of a little boy whose biggest ambition is to go outside and kick a ball

A smile of an Angel hated by a regime.

A smile of an Angel deemed not to be worthy staying alive.

A smile that was ended on August 21, 1942,

Little Angel Henri Fragman murdered age 5 in Auschwitz


Picture courtesy of ancientfaces

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