Good Friday-The other 2 crucifictions


Like most of my blogs I try to steer away from politics and religion this blog will be no exception to that.Although it may appear to be a religious blog, i is really about the historical event of the crucifixion.

Good Friday is one of the key days in the Christian calendar, it is the day where Jesus Christ was crucified and died on the cross. However he was not alone that day. There were 2 other men next to him on Golgotha.


Dismas and Gestas are the names often mentioned as the two thieves crucified on crosses to the right and left of Jesus. In the New Testament accounts of the crucifixion, two men are mentioned, yet their names are never given. The names Dismas and Gestas do not come from the New Testament, but are taken from a pseudepigraphal book not included in the New Testament canon. As a result, whether Dismas and Gestas were the true names of the two men crucified at the time of Jesus is unknown.

The names Dismas and Gestas are first found in the apocryphal writing entitled “The Gospel of Nicodemus” that historians typically agree was written in the 4th century. Since this document was written over two centuries after the events and is found in a book containing other disputable information, few argue that much certainty can be attached the these two specific names.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Dismas (sometimes spelled Dysmas) was the name associated with the good thief who asked Jesus to remember him in paradise, while Gestas was the one who taunted Jesus along with the crowd.

I am a Christian but I think this blog will appeal to anyone who has an interest in history, for whether you believe in Jesus or not, fact is he is a pivotal historical figure.






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    1. muska9988 says:

      One of the two that was crucified with Jesus belonged to organization that rebelled against Roman rule, the Zealots. They had wide support of the population excluding the rich and the priests of the Temple.


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