All I want to do is play with my Toys.


I don’t want to be a burden to anyone, just put me in a sandpit and i’ll be happy.

I am not a danger to anyone, how could I be I am only 3

All I want to do is to play with my toys, just like any other boy my age.

I don’t think of complicated things. My only worry is if I will like the vegetables with my dinner.

At 3 what do you expect me to be?

I am a child, with child thought,child worries and child joys. No danger am I.

When you play with me, I laugh. When you hurt me a cry.

But that is not enough for you, you want me to die.

I am only 3, a ‘danger’ to society.

At 3 I am a victim of a vile regime.

Pavel Bock was only 3 when he was  murdered at Auschwitz on December 15,1943



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