Rest in peace little one-But how can you?



Rest in peace little one, but how can you?

You did not ask to be born but yet you were.

But that was good because it was because of the love between two people, you came to be. You were so wanted.

A blessing to be seen by every one.

Rest in peace little one.

If it was love that ruled the world your lovely smile would illuminate this world for decades to come,.

Alas love does not always rule the world.

Rest in peace little one.

Like so many others you became a subject of hate. Although you were only aged 1 and could barely walk and not even talk, it was enough reason for you to be murdered.

You did not ask to be killed and yet you were.

Your name Claude Alexandre, Born in Lyon January 8th,1943. Murdered in Auschwitz 14 Aug 1944.

Rest in peace little one,but how can you? For you should still be with us.

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