The unknown soldier-known Hero

History of Sorts


A white cross made of marble or wood is all that is there to remember you by. Unknown, known but to  God

The fate that awaited you, to you was unknown.

You mother,father,sister brother,wife,son or daughter, unknown

Your name, your rank, your unit, unknown

Your favorite,actor,singer,movie and song. unknown

Where you were born, the name of your school and the name of your high-school sweetheart, unknown.

What drink you drank, what food you ate, what book you read,unknown.

You see it is not just you but it is your whole life that is unknown.

2B87036C00000578-0-image-a-178_1440100254814 (1)

That you were a hero,known.

You selflessly sacrificed your life for others,known.

Because of you I grew up a free man,known.

Your spirit lives on in the memories of those  you saved,known.

We all owe you our respect and gratitude.known.

An honorable man was lost to the world when you closed your eyes forever,known.

You made…

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