Social Equality


Be careful what you wish for.

Did you want a leader that works with and for the people supporting free higher education, pensions, health insurance, family and child support with an assortment of public services, including paid vacations—not just days off but actually weeks away and trips abroad, sponsored by the state, state-supported and sponsored entertainment, jobs for everyone, full employment? A society where professors and mail carriers can greet each other in an equal, and cordial manner?

All this wasn’t just a Utopia it was all a reality for the Germans in Nazi Germany, well at least for those who fit the nation’s desired profile—the Aryan profile. The greeting was Heil Hitler, and it became the universal greeting and a symbol of social equality.

So when you are promised a utopia better ask how all this is being paid for and motivation behind the promise because this utopia could carry a very high price tag.



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