Pong- So much better than Skyrim

History of Sorts


Kids nowadays will not get a buzz when they see the screen pictured above.

But for their parents’ generation this was the game of all games, even those who weren’t in to gaming(including me) would be entertained by these 2 bars,the little square and the dotted line in the middle across the screen.

The game had the very imaginative name “Pong” and was first introduced by Atari on this day in 1972.

Basically it was the Video game version of Tennis or rather Table Tennis  AKA Ping Pong.

Pong became a huge success, and became the first commercially successful game.In 1975,Atari released a home edition of Pong (the first version was played on Arcade machines) which sold 150,000 units.


Nolan Bushnell founded Atari at 1972 in order to create games and ideas and license them to other companies for mass production. Pong was actually a training exercise for one of…

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