Why write and report on the Holocaust?


Over the last few years people have often asked me why I write so much about the Holocaust?

I could just answer by saying it is important that we remember and never forget how evil mankind can be, and that would be a correct answer. However it would not be the only one.

I have done some self analysis on this because it was even unclear to myself why I am so concerned about the Holocaust. I am not Jewish and although I have lost some family members during World War 2. most of my family survived. Having said that, the death of my grandfather did have a direct impact on me. Which I realized only in later life.

I was born more then 2 decades after the war and by then the was was more or less forgotten by my family, or so I thought. It later emerged that the war never left them.

Being a 6 ft 2 ,blue eyed, blonde man would probably have secured me a comfortable life if I had lived then.

So why so much interest in the Holocaust?

As a kid I didn’t know any Jews, well at least I believed I didn’t. As a matter of fact I knew more then I thought I did, the only reason I didn’t know I had dealt with Jewish people on a daily basis is because they were no different then me, we ate the same sandwiches, watched the same movies, wore the same clothes. I only recalled a few days ago that the first girl I had any romantic feelings for was half Jewish. It was in the 6th class of primary school I was about 12, she was a few months older. She wore a necklace with a star of David and when I asked her about it, she told me her mother was Jewish.

One day she and her family left. I never saw her again. Only now as an adult I figured out the significance of that. If this had taken place about 4 decades earlier, I would have been directly impacted by the Holocaust.

As a teenager I was like any other teenager, sometimes an angel other times a devil. This may come as a shock to some of you, but I sometimes would joke about the Holocaust,and this may appear a paradox but the jokes were not out of disrespect but as a defense mechanism to shield myself from the horror. Even nowadays when I go through dark times(and there have been plenty) I use humour as a defense mechanism. Although as a teenager this defense mechanism came with an enormous level of stupidity and ignorance. somethings I said then I still feel guilty about.

Of all the teachers I had in my life it was actually my History teacher who had the biggest impact on me. She made me realize that I was only a product of the era I was born in and how fortunate I was to have been born in a era free from war and persecution.

As I grew older I realized how lucky I really was,because the only reason why the Jews were persecuted was because the warped ideology of a significant but small group of people. If these same people who have their ideology about the Frisians for example, it would have meant I may never have been born. My Mother was born Frisian and my Father was from Limburg in the south east of the Netherlands.

So you see the reasons why I am so interested in the holocaust is not only to remember the innocent victims who were brutally murdered, but also to never forget how evil humanity can be. also coupled with a bit of guilt and the realization it could have been easily me and my family.

My pledge to all the victims and survivors I will never,ever forget. Although we are different we are also the same.


  1. You have made Very Wise and Insightful Comments. The same brand of Poisonous Insane Blind Hatred could Easily be Directed against Any Group at Any Time. It is up to All of Us to be Eternally Vigilant and to Resist this kind of Mad Group Prejudice and Insanity, wherever and whenever it may appear!


  2. Hi and thank you for your efforts. On a similar vein, I’ve recently taken to researching, writing, and photographing about the rich cultural history of Jewish-German communities along the Rhine river thriving in the cathedral cities of Speyer, Worms, and Mainz.


  3. Dirk de Klein: You are a righteous person with great empathy who understands perfectly the difference between good and evil and feels compelled to help society to remember and know the difference between the two.

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