Lebensborn Celebrities

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Lebensborn Celebrities

Two Scandinavian celebrities are Lebensborn children. Abba star Anni-Lrid Lyngstad is the child of a Norwegian mother and German sergeant. She was shunned and persecuted during her childhood and found her father three decades later, saying, “I can’t really connect to him and love him the way I would have if he’d been around when I was growing up.” Her mother died before she was two and her grandmother immigrated to Sweden to raise her.
Marta Kristen was born to a Finnish mother and German soldier who was killed towards the end of WW II. A couple from the U.S. adopted her and changed her name from Bridget to Marta. She has a long list of movie appearances like Wagon Train and Lost in Space. Off screen, she tried to find her roots. In l969 she was found her real mother in Finland and has met her older…

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