Forgotten History-Nicholas Winton an unsung Hero

History of Sorts

It is often said that only the good die young and the evil seem to live forever, and for a long time I believed this to be true, looking at how old some of the escaped War Criminals got. But then I heard of Nicholas Winton, he died 1 July 2015 at the old age of 106. This man was the personification of good.

I first came across the story of Nicholas Winton in 1988 where the BBC had a special broadcast of “That’s life” in honor of  Mr Winton, which I found a bit odd because the show was notable for presenting hard-hitting investigations alongside satire and occasional light entertainment, and not so much a show where they honored people. That was more for “This is your life” but I was a lot younger then and did not really understand the relevance at the time.

Sir Nicholas George Winton MBE…

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