The Eagle


The eagle flies high in the sky, it is a warm sunny day. He wonders if he can fly to the sun. Because he is the ruler in the skies, no one can stop him. He can go wherever he wants to go. Free to roam not restricted by any one or anything.

During his flight a strange sight catches his eye.A station platform packed with families, and men in uniforms. The families boarding a train and the men in uniform bullying them to hurry up. A strange sight but yet not unfamiliar, he has seen it before.


High up in the sky, the eagle feels safe and secure, He can see for miles and miles, any enemy he can detect with great ease from a big distance.

As he flies and looks down he sees 2 lines, and on those two lines he sees something moving. He decides to have a closer look. Quickly he recognizes a railway and on it a fast moving train, maybe it is the train he saw earlier that day.

He dives to have a closer look and to his shock he sees people in cars which are usually used for cattle. Why ? , he wonders. There is no joy in this moving train, he hears the echoes of many cries. The sight and sound that disturbs him. He also sees some men in uniforms. The eagle also see an emblem of a bird, in fact it is a depiction of an eagle.

metal eagle

He is angry and wants to destroy the emblem, but he is afraid because the uniformed men are heavily armed.

Confused he flies away. Why are these people using the picture of his species on a train? The eagle is a noble and majestic creature, these men aren’t. Why are they heavily armed? The people they are transporting have no weapons, in fact they have very little, Some have a single suitcase, others have nothing.

He flies away going about his own business.

In the distance he sees some kind of settlement, he decides to go and look, Check out the facilities and see if there is some food, surely there must be something there for him, a mouse, or a squirrel or any kind of rodent.

When he approaches he sees another platform, another train and yet again two lines.This time the train is standing still and the lines isn’t a railway. It is 2 lines of people.

One line consists of young ,healthy looking men and some women. The other line is different, Young children with their Mothers, some pregnant and there are older people who appear to be infirm.


This line has been told to start moving by yet a group of armed men,and also some women. The line is approaching a set of buildings, one of the buildings has two chimneys. The eagle decides the rest he weary wings and rests on one of the chimneys.

The people in the line are told to get washed, have a shower as they enter one of the buildings.

The eagle listens but is surprised by the sounds. He hears no running water, all he hears is the sound of women and children screaming, followed by an eerie silence. The eagle is upset , he realizes what has happened. It is hard for him to comprehend that one species can cause some much pain to its own fellow species. Aren’t human beings supposed to be intelligent? Don’t they realize that when they kill their own and especially children, soon no one will be left? What species takes pleasure in destroying its own future?

The eagle is sad. suddenly he feels ashes coming up from the chimney he is resting on.


He flies away, he does not want to stay one second longer in this horrid place.The eagle flies high in the sky, it is a warm sunny day. He wonders if he can fly to the sun,because he no longer wants to stay here.


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      Love the final sentence of this.

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