Humour in WWII

History of Sorts


Despite all the horrors of WWII there was still room for humour, satire and a healthy dose of sarcasm during WWII.

Although sometimes the price to pay for a joke could be quite high. In this blog just examples  some WWII jokes and the consequences for some of them, and ways how people coped with the war in a humorous way.

I am not sure if this one originates from WWII but I believe it does.

“Why do french tanks have rear view mirrors? To see the battlefield”


21st November 1940: Wally’s barber shop, St Martin Street has defiant signs outside after losing its windows during the London blitz.


A British shopkeeper hanging up a sign during the Blitz which reads, “Business as usual Mr. Hitler.” London, England – 1940


Although the Nazis didn’t feel that jokes necessarily undermined their regime there were times people were punished severely by telling jokes…

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