Forgotten History-The Battle of Maastricht

History of Sorts

Maastricht is well known for one of it’s musicians Andre Rieu and also for the treaty which was signed on 2 February 1992 which shaped the EU.However it was also a battlefield at the start of WWII


The Battle of Maastricht was one of the first battles that took place during the German Campaign on the Western Front during World War II. Maastricht was a key city in order to capture the Belgian Fort Eben-Emael and split the allied armies in half.


The ancient city of Maastricht – the most southern Dutch city [with its Roman roots] – would see a lot of dramatic events on the first day of the war. The main-bridges over the Maas [in the city of Maastricht itself] were some of the main targets in the German invasion plan. These three bridges were the St. Servaesbrug, Wilhelminabrug and the railway bridge to the north. It was…

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