The Incredible Miss Dior

The Holocaust and World War II

Well, as I sit down to write this on Monday afternoon the flames from the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral are lighting up the Paris night sky. Word has come that firefighters have been able to save the two bell towers, and I am so thankful for that. But as I look at the images streaming out of Paris, I am reminded of the images of bombs and swastikas flying throughout that beautiful city. I am also reminded of a courageous and brave woman whose name, in a way, we all know- Miss Dior.

Who Was Miss Dior?

If you live anywhere near a television set, I am pretty sure you have seen the commercials for Miss Dior perfume (with the lovely Natalie Portman) from the couture house of Christian Dior. Have you ever wondered who was Miss Dior? Well, Miss Dior was Christians younger sister, Ginette Marie Catherine Dior.

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