Auschwitz experiences.


No one of us can ever imagine how it felt to be in Auschwitz. Except for those who survived it.

Below are just some quotes from survivors

Silvia Vesela -Slovak Jewish  Auschwitz Survivor

“It’s a really humiliating feeling when your personality is being taken away. I don’t know whether you can understand it. You suddenly mean nothing. We were treated like animals.”

Dario Gabbai-Auschwitz Sonderkommando

“When they opened the door…I see these people that half an hour before were going into the gas chamber, I see them all standing up, some black and blue from the gas. No place where to go. Dead. If I see my eyes, the only thing I see is standing up, women with children in their hands.”

“Could you imagine what was done with the children and the families? They didn’t know what to do, scratching the walls, crying, you know, and everything else. They were killing for the sake of killing, that’s the only thing I can say.”

Georgy Semenyak-Captured Red Army soldier

“They never considered us humans. They could kill us or beat us up for no reason. Of course we were sure that it was unjust.”

Jerzy Bielecki-Polish Catholic Escapee from Auschwitz

“Everyone was moaning and yelling because of the cold it was an incredible sound, I never heard it before. Naked they enter the gassing chamber.It was a devilish, hellish

women and children

So few survived and of those few survivors there only a handful left to tell their stories. But soon they will be gone too. It is up to us to continue their stories. As someone once asked me “When should we stop talking about the Holocaust?” I replied “Never”.

No matter how many threats I get, and no matter how often Facebook bans me for posting these blogs. I will continue until my body says stop.


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