You will never.


You will never know how it feels like to fall in love, and wake up every morning next to the love of your life.

You will never know the anxiety of school exams.

You will never know that nervousness of a first working day.

You will never know how it feels like to have your teenage heart broken, by your first love.

You will never know how to hate.

I will never know why someone could be so evil and kill you cold blooded.

I will never know you personally

Yet I will never be able to forget you.

You are Lunek Milch, killed by cowards when you were age 3.

They buried you alive during a mass murder in your hometown of  Tłuste in 1943.



Ancient Faces




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  1. Lunek’s father, the medical doctor Baruch Milch (1907-1989) left a memoir of this period of his life, “Can Heaven Be Void?” which is available in the Hebrew original as well as Polish and English transliterations. The agonizing circumstances surrounding his son’s murder (simultaneous with the deaths of other family members) can perhaps be fathomed by the subsequent death of his nephew, the cousin of little Lunek, whose father was reduced to strangling his own young son because the child’s actions and sounds endangered the surviving family group in hiding. This is an archetype of existential horror.

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