Despite all the horrors they still wanted to look their best.

History of Sorts


There are so many horrific images of the atrocities perpetrated during the Holocaust. The graphic nature of them often makes it very hard to look at them, that sometimes makes people ignore them because they just can’t fathom what they see.

What I find more disturbing then any of the images are the stories of what victims did to feel human in one way or another.

One story that really touched me was the story of the women in the Ravensbrück concentration camp, the women who faced execution.

Although they knew they were going to be murdered, they still defiantly wanted to look their best/ They would do each other’s hair. They would pinch their cheeks to have some color on their faces. Some of them would gather the courage and bravely shout  ‘Long Live Poland,’ knowing the Nazis would hate this and antagonize them even more.

These heroic women…

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