When it comes down to it, I know very little.


This might seem like a strange statement to make, to the people who read my blogs, but when it comes down to it , I know very little in relationship to the Holocaust.

Yes, I do know the statistics and the numbers.

Yes I do know the stories of the survivors and even know a lot about the whole history of the Holocaust, and all that happened leading up to it.

But I do not know the pain which was suffered. I just cannot fathom the last seconds of life in the gas chambers, or the moments before being shot in the back of the head and being pushed in a mass grave.

I do not know nor do I want to know how it feels to be so evil that you don’t hesitate to kill children,women. people who are sick, without even blinking an eye.

I do not know hate for someone who is slightly different then me, I embrace our similarities and learn from those differences so that I can become a better human being.

I do not know the guilt the survivors have, especially since they have nothing to feel guilty about. They survived and that is all that matters.

I do not know what it is to be a victim of the worst genocide in history.

I decided to use the yellow star of David for this blog because it is the Jews that suffered most, but I could have also used a pink triangle or a black one. There were so many markings to identify people and class them as subhumans .

I know why and equally I don’t know why the Holocaust happened.

I don’t know why people are now willing to forget and are ready to “move on”.

You don’t move on from this , this needs to remain ingrained in our mind forever.



  1. I know enough that I have to take breaks from the knowing at times. I become so depressed. Rather than “Never Forget”, I want to “Never let it happen again”. I see signs that it could. What to do? What to do?


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