The shoe of a child

History of Sorts


There are so many horrific images of the Holocaust, Films and pictures of corpses on carts. Photographs of women and children being executed. There is a disturbing photograph of a Jewish lady with ripped clothes being chased by young children.

All of these images are very powerful but I have decided to limit those images in my blogs. Not because I don’t find them important because they are, but basically for 2 reasons.

  1. After doing these blogs for 2+ years I found they had an impact on my well being,both physically and mentally.
  2. It is so hard to fathom these pictures that people get desensitized by them , and they become more like raw data and the stories behind them are forgotten.

Other images , although not graphic in nature, can be more powerful and heartbreaking. Pictures of daily objects.

Pictures like the picture of a child’s shoe which  was…

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