This is what hate does.



I don’t like posting horrific pictures in relation to the Holocaust, or any other subject for that matter. And I don’t like it for 2 reasons

Firstly I find it physically hard to stomach and generally gives me nightmares.

Secondly we have come to live in a society where some people get offended by everything, even by the truth or rather especially by the truth, Instead of facing it they complain about it and try everything to get that truth removed.

However to me neither of those reasons are good enough  not to show what hate really can do.

Buchenwald concentration camp had the particular cynical motto on their gate “Jedem das Seine” or Each their own.

Below are 2 picture which were found by a US soldier after the camp was liberated. The pictures were taken by the Nazis who ran the camp. This what they meant with Each their own. You would not do it to an animal.


buchenwald 2

As I said earlier I don’t like posting graphic images. I think it is much more powerful to personalize the stories. But sometimes we have to be reminded by the gruesome horrors caused by hate.



  1. Sherri Lynch says:

    Hate is not strong enough word for what was done in this case. It is eternal hate from Satan himself. I remember reading an ancient text: when God made man in His image, He commanded the angels to worship man. Satan was enraged and began to devise every means to destroy humans. It seems from the temptation in the Garden of Eden on he has been determined. Because the Jews were set apart for special reasons they really have a target on their back. This is just my opinion, btw.


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