Dogs of War-Man’s best friend on duty in WWII

History of Sorts


Dogs are often called “Man’s best friend” which probably more true from a Dog’s point of view then from the point of view of it’s owner.

Dogs are known to have remained loyal to their owner even after the owner has died, Regardless how you treat your dog , generally they will love you unconditionally. Even during the horrors of WWII,dogs were companions to high ranking officers and other military staff alike,and at times they would by great aides during combat. The above picture is of of Willie, Patton’s dog, taken a few days after the General’s death as preparations were made to send home his effects.

Below are some more examples of “Man’s best friend” during WWII

Willie following Patton as he enters his Headquarters at Luxembourg.


A dog being posed by a German soldier, early 1940′s


Below photo shows Corporal Yukio Araki (age 17 years old) holding a puppy…

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