Made to face their crimes

History of Sorts

1024px-Dachau_execution_coalyard_1945-04-29Their are people who consider the execution of SS guards , after the liberation of Dachau, by allied troops to be a war crime. I can see why people perceive it that way, but I don’t subscribe to that point of view.

What the allied troops witnessed there was  worse then a scene from hell, and I can see what made them want to execute the men responsible for it. I probably would have felt the same.

When the Allied Forces invaded Germany at the end of World War II, few of the combat veterans were prepared to cope with the horrors they encountered during the liberation of the concentration camps. The inhumane conditions and the torturous treatment of the prisoners only further revealed the true cruelty and brutality behind Hitler’s leadership and the reign of the Nazi Party.

Below are images of the aftermath of the liberation of several…

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