Prisoners of Auschwitz

History of Sorts


This is going to be a short blog. It will only contain a set of  series of passport size photographs of prisoners of Auschwitz.

I don’t know their names, but that really doesn’t matter. All that is important to know that most of them will have died during the Holocaust. Each one of them was imprisoned not because they committed a crime, or attempted some sort of military coup.

They were all ordinary citizens going about their daily lives. The reason why they were sent to Auschwitz was because they were either Jewish,Romani,Disabled,Jehovah Witness or Homosexual, for no other reason.

Just look at their faces, and remember those faces could have been of your teachers, Doctors, Parents of Friends, your own parent.Nurses,Midwife or your plumber or green grocer.

If you had been  born late 19th or  early 20th century,one of those faces could have been yours.



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