Therese Brandl- Evil knows no gender.

History of Sorts


When you Google the name Therese Brandl, one of the first results you get is a mention of her name in IMDb(Internet Movie Database) as one of the cast members of the 1945 documentary “Auschwitz Krakow Trial 1947″ .

I don’t criticize IMDb for categorizing her as a cast member because that is how the website is set up. In reality Therese Brandl was a staff member of some of the most evil and vile places ever to be built. Ravensbrück,Auschwitz” and Muehldorf which was a sub camp of Dachau.


She had began training at Ravensbrück in 1940. She worked as an SS Aufseherin in KZ Ravensbrück before transferring to Auschwitz in 1942 and then to the KZ Muehldorf (a satellite camp of Dachau). She beat her prisoners and made selections for the gas chambers. In the summer of 1943, she received a medal from the Reich for her “good…

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