C&A and the Nazi Regime

History of Sorts

Although C&A is considered to be a global company it really only has stores on the European mainland,Brazil,Mexico and China. In total there are approximately 2000 stores.From 1922 to 2001 the company also had outlets in the UK.However most people around the globe will be familiar with the Fashion giant.

Although technically a Dutch company it has strong links to Germany. The 2 founders were Clemens and August Brenninkmeyer.

The first trading Brenninkmeyers left the family farm in Mettingen,Germany in 1671 to become traveling linen sellers in the Netherland. It is said that even then they were secretive about their business. At this time, secrecy gave them a commercial advantage and permitted the avoidance of customs charges.

In 1841, the brothers Clemens and August Brenninkmeyer abandoned the itinerant life and laid the groundwork for the C&A chain when they opened their first store in the small Dutch town of Sneek.

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