I have to tell your story- Betrayed by domestic violence.


I don’t want to tell your story but I have to. It is my duty as a father and as human being to ensure that no child will ever get treated like you were treated, My heart breaks each time when I see a picture of innocence, knowing that this innocence was destroyed.

What makes the story of Eva and Liane Münzer even more sad and poignant is that they were betrayed not by their enemies but by the actions of their friends. The two girls were from Jewish Polish parents who lived in the Netherlands, In 1942 their father was sent to a German labour camp.. Their mother recognized the dangers they would be facing and decided to place the 2 girls with catholic friends of the family.

Sometime in 1944 the Police was called to deal with a domestic violence case , the Police were called to the house of the rescuers of Eva and Liane. The husband and wife had a fight and the husband denounced his wife and the 2 Jewish girls. The Münzer sisters were sent to Auschwitz and murdered.Eva was 8 and Liane was 6.

They had a younger brother who survived the war, as did their mother, The father died a few months after liberation, at least the only comfort he had he died a free man.

It is just so heartbreaking to see that a mother who thought she did the best for her children had to find out that the decision she made turned out to be the wrong one. But she was not to know. as a parent I more then likely would have done the same.

Everyday I am thankful that I have never been out in that position.

The people to blame for the death of Eva and Liane were the Nazis and those who helped them, I don’t even blame the foster or rescue mother , she put her life at risk as did her husband but he eventually put his own life above that of his wife and the 2 children he vowed to protect. He though he was more valuable then the people around him. Nithing is more valuable then the life of a child.


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