The Auschwitz guards

History of Sorts


There were 40 defendants at the Auschwitz trial. 39 were sentenced and 1 wasacquitted.Of the 39 sentences there were 23 death sentences, 2 of which were latercommuted to life imprisonment. The other sentences varied from life to 3 years imprisonment.


39 People convicted even though there had been close to 10,000 in the Auschwitz garrison.Each one of them had a choice to make a difference but nearly all of them decided that the killing of at least 1.1 million innocent lives was the right cause of action.

There should have been a lot more on trial.

Below are pictures of some of the Auschwitz guards,the amazing thing is most of them were normal working men and women with often mundane jobs before the war. And yet they became complacent and participated in the biggest mass killing in history.

Johannnes Gunesch (left) was an ethnic German farmer in Romania before the…

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  2. Kip Gonzales says:

    Those men are all shown wearing the same uniform, because most of them were captured in civilian clothing, and they were dressed up and photographed in those uniforms in order to made them easier to identify for witnesses at their trials.


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