Penny for the Guy and other forgotten Guy Fawkes Night traditions.

Stephen Liddell

Before we go anywhere, have you read my old post Remember, Remember The 5th Of November which explains all the glorious goings on behind Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes Night or simple Fireworks night. If not, please do 🙂 and come back here afterwards.

Bonfire night has changed a lot even from when I was little.  Do you remember, remember how it used to be on the 5th of November?

Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes, has changed over the years from an event mostly celebrated by individual families to one when huge communal firework displays are the most popular way to celebrate.

Most changes have been driven by health and safety concerns, means that some traditions have been lost.


Most celebrations are organised these days, often by councils, sometimes by charities, but in the past any bit of land could be used by children to make a bonfire. There…

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