Postcard from Dachau

History of Sorts


Receiving a post card is always a nice event. Be it for your birthday, or a card from someone on their holiday, or a seasons greeting , or just someone keeping in touch.

It is like getting a present which has emotional rather then a monetary value. And often  you want to repay this act of kindness, by also sending something back, maybe a parcel or a magazine or just another card.

But what if the card comes from one of the most desperate places on earth, and what if there are a whole set of rule to take in consideration before you can send anything. What if the card was received from Dachau?

I can’t read the name of the sender clearly but I believe the sender was Joh. Messinger Ludwig in Block 20 and the addressee was Ignaz Messinger from Vienna.

It may look like an ordinary card…

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