The Red Cross and the Holocaust

History of Sorts


One of the reasons why so many died during the holocaust is because ‘good’ people, decided to look the other way.

The Red Cross knew what was happening and decided to do very little. I know some people will say”It was war time, what could they do?” And I understand that question and appreciate the reasoning behind it.

However in 1933, 6 years before the war began a Jewish refugee had already alerted the International Committee  of the Red Cross  to mistreatment of prisoners in Dachau, this was ignored.


The German Red Cross or DRK was a member of the Red Cross movement. On 11 June 1933 Nazi Reich Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick Frick was invited to speak at the Red Cross Day. He stated:

“The Red Cross is something like the conscience of the nation. … Together with the nation, the Red Cross is ready to commit all its strength for…

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