So much death.

History of Sorts

I was doing research on Elisabeth Casseres a 13 year old girl who was murdered in Auschwitz on September 28,1942.

But when I clicked on a link of her death notification it opened up a notification of the Dutch Ministry of Justice which was issued on July 20,1950.

The Motification was published in the “Nederlandsche staatscourant” the Dutch State Newspaper.

It is a list of about 100 persons, the majority of them died on September 28,1942 in Auschwitz. These are about 100 people or so murdered on only one day, most of them came from Amsterdam. Just imagine that for a minute. 100 from one city, and one country on one day.

To be honest I didn’t look at every name on the list because seeing this list made me feel sick.

So much death and yet there are some who still deny the Holocaust happened despite indisputable evidence.


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