The first to die in Dachau

History of Sorts


It is often thought that the killing of prisoners and for the majority Jews  in concentration camps , only started after the start of World War II. But in fact it started in April of 1933, only ten weeks after Hitler was appointed  chancellor of Germany.


It is sad enough that  young men were killed on April 12 1933, it is even sadder to think that one of them, and in fact the very first to get killed wasn’t even supposed to have been in Germany at the time.

Arthur Kahn, a 21-year-old Jewish German medical student had enrolled in Edinburgh University in Scotland, he had returned to , Germany to pick up his student records at the University of Wurzburg.

Athur Kahn

Arthur Kahn together with Ernst Goldmann, Rudolf Benario, and Erwin Kahn(not related), had been arrested around the 22th of March 1933, for being  communist party members  and were send to Dachau.Although…

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