Profiting from the Holocaust.

History of Sorts


In any war or crisis there are companies that make a profit, To some people this may sound disgusting but unfortunately it is a fact.

Abraham Puls owned a removal company in Amsterdam. He had been a member of of the NSB , the Dutch Nazis, since 1934. His company was responsible for the ransacking of the homes of Jewish families in Amsterdam. In fact it is estimated that 29 000 homes of Jewish citizens were cleaned out by  A. Puls’s company.

A few days after the raids on Jewish homes, truck’s from the Puls company would show up and empty the homes. The goods would then be handed over to the Nazis to Einsatzstab Rosenberg,the Nazi organization assigned to appropriating cultural property during World War II. It was led by  Alfred Rosenberg.


The plundering of the Jewish home soon became known as “Pulsen” named after Puls.

One of Puls’s…

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