Reporting the Holocaust.

History of Sorts

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It is often said that no one knew what happened in the concentration camps. But in fact people just didn’t want to know or could fathom the horrors and therefore decided to stick their heads in the sand.

I am not referring to the Germans on this occasion but to the people in the USA,UK and other European countries, if they only would have paid more attention to the various reports which were published. like the above newspaper article of June 25, 1942.

Or the headlines below which were in the news prior to the holocaust.

The Times, 8 November 1935

“Like so many Nazi catchwords… “May Jewry perish!” – was meant literally and will be literally brought to pass if the fanatics have their way.”

New York Times, 16 August 1936

“This contact with many nationalities and races has made the Germans more human again.” Frederick T Birchall reports…

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