Holocaust in words

History of Sorts


It is said that a picture paints a thousand words , and it does, but that also means that sometimes a picture is just to horrible to look at it, for just a glimpse can evoke a thousand emotions. There are so many images of the Holocaust which are just to gruesome to view, However sometimes just the words of victims can have a deeper emotional impact that lasts.

Below are just some examples of last words send to family members, either on postcard or letter. I don’t know the dates but that doesn’t matter for the words are just so powerful.

A message from Margot Triest’s mother.

“Little treasure, I’m sure you have found girlfriends already. Always take care of yourself, little one, always be well and have fun … Always be brave, little girl, and with God’s help, we will see one another again.”

Margot did not see her mother…

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