History of Sorts


Never Again, 2 simple words often spoken. But are they ever thought about. There is a contradiction in the words.

Never as in not ever. Indicating that something will not happen anymore.

Again, as in a re-occurring act. Going for a walk again, or having something to eat again.

I am only mentioning these 2 words and I am breaking then down into  separate words just so we are focused a bit more when we utter them.

They are so often said without given a second thought that they really have become a slogan, and I am just as guilty in this as anyone else.

Never Again’ will mean nothing to Irene Rosita Cohen or indeed to her Brother,Levie Paul Cohen, her Mother Henderika Boena Cohen-de Beer. All 3 of them died on October 12,1942.They were murdered in Auschwitz that day. Irene was only aged 2,Levie Paul was aged 7…

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