How weird was Hitler? Part 2

History of Sorts

No one will in his or her right mind argue that Adolf Hitler was pure evil and without making less of the things he was responsible for , it is interesting to pick out a few more particular weird traits der Führer displayed.

Long before there were selfies ,he practiced for speeches by taking photos of himself . . . making speeches.

In jail he wrote Mein Kampf, the blueprint for power that would make him rich. But when he wrote to Jakob Ferlin, owner of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Munich, he had little money.

Hitler, who later owned a fleet of Mercedes cars, had his heart set on the 11/40 model which at the time cost 18,000 Reichsmarks.”But the hardest thing for me at the moment lies in the fact that the biggest payment for my work is not expected until the middle of December,” he wrote in September…

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