The inhumanity of Zyklon B.

History of Sorts


Recently I heard this bizarre debate on how humane the killing with Zyklon B was. It was so much better then being executed. Fortunately the site where this was debated on was taken down ,unfortunately I didn’t take note of the names.

In case if any one is wondering if the killing with Zyklon B gas was humane, let me please destroy that notion. Firstly it wasn’t an instant death, there were some instance  where it would take up to 30 minutes to die from it in a very painful way.

The picture above shows 2 soldiers demonstrating how to avoid the leaking of Zyklon B from the gas chambers by applying mud and loam soil to the chinks of the door.

You can also see they are wearing Gas masks. These are not German soldiers but Soviet soldiers after the liberation by the Soviet army in July 1944. Demonstrating…

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